Connecting LED and buzzer to the VC2 and VC4 controller

The VC2 and VC4 controller do not have dedicated inputs for buzzer or LED connections from a wiegand reader.

The red LED and buzzer cables can be connected to the additional relays on the controller itself. 

 Once you have correctly cabled the LED and Buzzer we then need to configure the controller to activate the 2nd relay on access granted.

1. Click on to the device info management tab

2. Click onto the system functions tab and then the Output operating setup by Reader/Input button

3. Click onto the Reader event operating tab.

Select the appropriate reader in the left hand tree.

Make the settings for the readers 2nd output the same as for the readers doorlock output.

Once done click apply and close the window

4. Back at the system functions window mark the Device informations (Batch), place a tick next to the controller you wish to upload to then click the large Apply button to send all informations to the selected controller

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