Roll Call Report

To create a report to show who is in the building at a given time can be done in the cardholder reporting using filters.

we aim to make this process simplified and give the ability to print this report automatically in the event of an input in alarm in the next version, but currently the way to create this report is as such:

Goto Reports/Cardholder report and click preview:

To add a filter click on the icon in the corner of the last access door field:

Click on any of the door names (it does not matter which as we will edit later)

immediately you will see a filter has been applied to your report results. you can now edit this filter by clicking in the bottom right corner "edit filter"

you will now see the filer editor windows

The logic behind a roll call report is to show all the cardholders who's last reader they passed was NOT an exit reader.

Depending on how you labeled your readers in the software there are multiple ways to approach this report.

if all your exit readers have the name "exit" written in there names you could use the filter Last Access Door - Does not contain - Exit

In the screenshot above you can see my readers have there default names and therefore I am explicitly taking out each reader by applying an individual filter.

The filter: Last Access Door - Does not equal - [Reader Name]. 

In the example above I have even hidden old transactions as this prevents old transactions of people who left the building without swiping on the exit appearing in the report. I have done this by only showing transactions with today's date.

Finally click "Apply" to see your results and once happy click OK

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