Installing Vantage point software

See Video Tutorial:

1. Installing the software
The PC must meet the system minimum system requirements below

CPU Intel Core i3 or higher
Memory 2GB RAM or higher
Hard disk space 200GB or higher
Network 10/100MB
Operating System: Windows 7(32/64bit), Windows Server 2008(32/64bit), Windows Server 2012 (32/64bit)
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014 (32/64bit)

Before installing Vantage point you must make sure Microsoft SQL is already installed on the PC. To learn how to install SQL please see the guide:

To begin the install Double click on setup.exe the following screen will appear

Click Next


Choose the folder you wish to install into and click Next.

Click Next

Once the installation is complete click Close and the software is now installed. An icon will appear on your desktop and your programs list.



Logging in for the first time
Double click on the Vantage point shortcut and load the software

During the first login you will need to fill out the correct Database Server, Database Login ID and Password. You would have obtained this information from your MS-SQL installation. see guide

Tip: The Field Database Server should be the named instance of your SQL server.[PcName\SQLserverName]

You can obtain this by connecting to your SQL server with Microsoft management studio and copying the Server name from the connection dialogue box.

Click Connection test

If the test is successful you will receive the message:

Click OK (this message appears as the database does not exist yet)

Click Yes to create a new database

If you receive this window:

Refer to the SQL configuration guide. (You need to change the login properties of the SQL server.)


You should see the windows below if the DB was installed successfully

Click OK

Goto the login tab, the default username is admin and password is admin

Once you have successful logged in you will see:

Each of the 9 buttons will open a different section of the software.


  • Event monitoring window is used for seeing live transactions.
  • Device Monitoring and control window gives a real time status of inputs and outputs as well as the ability to lock, unlock and arm and Disarm your readers.
  • Graphic Map gives you the option of adding your floor plan for the ability to control and monitor your doors and inputs in a graphical form.
  • Report window is for designing events and cardholder reports and exporting into different formats.
  • Cardholder Management allows badge creation as well as creating time schedules, access rights and batch functions.
  • Time and Attendance is for time and attendance reporting.
  • Quick Device Info is the auto detection window for finding controllers on the network.
  • Device Info. Management screen is for configuring all the controller and reader settings.
  • Management Tool is used to create restricted logins for different levels of logins
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