Configuring Microsoft SQL Server

To ensure smooth operation of the VantagePoint you must configure some SQL Server components.

1. Execute ‘Start->Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 2008->Configuration Tools->SQL Server Configuration Manager’ in windows.



2. Click on ‘SQL Server Configuration Manager (Local) ->SQL Server Network Configuration->Protocols for MSSQLSERVER’.

3. In ‘Protocols for MSSQLSERVER’, set ‘Shared Memory’, ‘Named Pipes’, ‘TCP/IP’, and ‘VIA’ Enabled. At each protocol, choose ‘Enabled’ clicking with the right mouse button.


4. Click on ‘SQL Server Services’

5. Right click on your SQL Server instance and click properties, In the logon tab ensure ‘local system is selected under ‘built-in account:’ then click apply.


6. In ‘SQL Server Configuration Manager’, move to SQL Server Services. And click on ‘Restart’ ‘SQL Server’.


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