Updating firmware for VC2/4

This is an essential Firmware update for VC2/4 controllers

due to a problem relating to time schedules found exclusively on v1.99 firmware due to firmware compiling error this is an important update to rectify this.

You can take the firmware from here for both controllers:

Version 2 firmware

Version 2.1 firmware

How to update the firmware.

Download the zip file from the above link.

Once downloaded unzip the firmware to a memorable place.

Inside the zip you will see a file .bin file

Browse to your Vantage Point installation folder and find the DNX Network & Firmware Management Tool.exe

Run the application

Click search to search for your controllers or enter i direct IP address.

Once the controller is found click connect.

Once connected leave all settings as default and click the browse button to browse to the firmware folder.

Select the SAxC_APP__V2.00.1__V1_T0__20150721.bin

Once the file is selected click the download button

The firmware will start to upload the controller

Once finished you will receive an acknowledgment that the firmware download it complete

Repeat the steps for each controller





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