Setting up keypads.

There are many ways to setup a reader with a keypad in Vantage Point.

The different operating modes are Pin only, Card + Pin or Pin + Pin. Operating modes can be set both at the reader level as well as the individual cardholder level. For example one person uses card only the other person uses Card and Pin on the same reader. The operating mode of the reader can also change according to time schedule.

The written guide below shows how to setup a reader as card or pin.

To enable a keypad function in vantage point you must first set the PIN level to below the level of 3.

Cardholders have a fixed level of 3 to enable the readers operating parameters to take precedence over the cardholder; the level must be set below 3. In the screen shot above it has been set to 2.

By default the reader is set to Card (or pin) mode.

This means that the card no field in the cardholder window is used for either the pin number or card number

To add the pin code to the cardholder, go to the cardholder management screen.

The pin will work as the same number as the Card Number if you wish to have a pin code which is different to the card code simply add a new access card.


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