Adding a Cardholder

Within VantagePoint click on card holder Management to open the cardholder window 

Once in the cardholder management window click on the tab cardholder management.

Click on the new button:

The name and ID fields are compulsory. The ID should be a unique number used to identify a cardholder as the name of two cardholders can be the same.

Once you have added the name and ID click on the tab Access Card #1:

the compulsory fields are:

Card no - The badge number of your proximity card 

Password - this is your pin number when using two factor authentication (Card + pin)

Access Right #1 - This will determine which readers you are allowed to use if you have not made any you will be able to select the group "All"

 Finally press save/register:

you will be asked "do you want to resister the cardholder to the system" click yes and the cardholder information will be downloaded to the controller


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