Creating a Access group

Access group or access rights are required to determine which doors or readers a cardholder as allowed to use at a specific time of day.

to manage a cardholders access rights go to cardholder management:


Within the access right tab click on new and give your access right group a name: (note apostrophes in the name are not accepted)



Below the name field you will see a list of doors and a list of time schedules (time schedules will need to be created) by selecting the door and the time schedule you can then press the arrow in the middle to move this selection into your group:

press save and now this group is ready to be used. 

To create additional time schedules click on the time schedule management tab:

click on new give the time schedule a name and complete the interval list below.

The VP software allows for 10 intervals; for example you may have a school in which certain doors can only be used during break times etc.

Once the time schedule is saved the time schedule can then be assigned within your access group.


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