Importing a batch of cardholders

Cardholder information can be imported into VantagePoint as a batch. This can be particularly useful if you are swapping from a previous system.

The batch import window is located in the cardholder management window under the batch process tab.

your cardholder list must be stored in one of these formats:

  • CSV(comma delimited)
  • TEXT (comma delimited)
  • Excel (xls,xlxs) -Note: if using excel you must have excel installed on the VP computer

Note: Names with apostrophes cannot be imported.

If you have a name in your import spreadsheet you will need to perform a find and replace in excel replacing the apostrophe character with the grave accent character located next to the number 1 key:


The structure/format of your list must be in the following:

ID, Name, Company, Department, Title, Card number, Password 

for example: (also see attached file testImport.xlsx at the bottom of the page)

11005 John sensoracess sales Dept Mr 1234  
11006 Dave daves comp management Dr 123456  
11007 Eric Microsoft IT Mr 1112580  

ID,Name and card number are compulsory.

Once you have opened your import file you will see its contents displayed:

By holding the shift key you can select multiple cardholders and choose the desired access groups for them by using the access right drop down menu and apply button above. you may also edit fields in this window as well.

Once you are happy with the data to be imported you can then click "Register" and this will begin the import process

if there are any problems with the import they will appear in red in the status field. for example in the screen shot above the card number 1234 already exists in the current system.

you may also import card holder photos. the name of the photo must match the cardholder ID and be of the format  jpg, png, bmp 

See video:

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