How to wire the fire input to open all doors/outputs

This tutorial will show you how to cable and program the fire input (input 12) to accept a signal from a fire panel to activate all doors as open on the VC controller.



The VC controller should accept outputs from the fire panel to input 12. This is labeled as 'Fire input' on the PCB

Once the cabling is correct we can move onto the programming of the controller


Device Info Management

From the main Vantage Point Screen select Device Info Management tab

This will open the following screen:

1. Select System Input 4

2. Click the tick box to enable the Input

3. Change input device type to Fire Alarm  and check the Enable tick box

4. Change the Input device type to NO [Normally Open] or NC [Normally Closed] depending on how your fire panels outputs operate

5. Click Save

Device Info Management Systems function tab


1. Click the check box to enable the relevant controller and then click Save to send the changed data to the selected controller

Event Monitoring

One the controller receives an input from the alarm panel all relays/doors will open.

You will receive the above event in the Event Monitoring window.

If the Event Monitoring window is active you will see the following message on screen



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