How to install a Vantage Point Workstation

Installing extra workstations in Vantage point is an easy process

Before starting to install make sure both your Server & Workstation have static IP addresses 

Once you have the server installed and running [See Guide Installing Vantage point software]

Install the workstation at the client PC

Run the Vantage Point workstation.

Once the Workstation is run you will be prompted for a license code:

Click OK

You will now see an activation screen:

Take note of the user code outlined in Red.

Copy and paste this code into an email and send to

We will supply you with a Activation code by return email.

Once the Activation code is received paste the code into the Activation Area and click the Activation button

Please note: if your installation is using the Video module, meal or visitor management modules these will need to be registered again at the client with different license codes from the server

At the log in screen click onto the database tab and fill in the fields

Copy all the Fields exactly from the Servers database tab






The SQL server needs to allow connections from remote PC's

Check the following in your SQL config manager:

Make sure all the protocols for your server instance are Enabled

At the TCIP properties tab ensure the protocol is enabled and listening for incoming connections

If you are still unable to connect to the SQL server from the workstation PC check the following details are correct

IP2 should be showing the IP address of the workstation PC

TCP port is the Port the server is listening on.

Try a ping command to see if the client PC can Ping the server

[Ping IP address of server] e.g. ping

Try a telnet command from the workstation PC to see if ports are being blocked by a firewall

If you are successful you will see a blank command box


Install Microsoft management studio at the client PC and try to connect to the SQL server remotely












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