Configuring Anti-Pass Back


Go back to the Device Information Management/Reader and then functions tab as per screen shot below:

Within the Anti-Pass back mode drop menu you have 3 options: 

  1. Soft - The user will still be granted access through the door even when breaking an APB rule. A warning message will appear when the rule is broken. 
  2. Hard – The Anti-Pass back rule is enforced 
  3. Timed – The Anti-Pass rules are enforced until the Delay Time has run out.

Select the desired option and tick the enable button. 

Next go to the Levels tab

Ensure this level is left as 3 (levels are a way of changing a group of cardholder APB rules in one go. This will be covered in a different tutorial.)

Next go to the system functions tab and search for the System functions button as shown in the picture below.

Click on the system functions button which will take you to the "Device Information Management window"

Go to the Global Anti-pass back tab. Within this window choose the reader you wish to use anti-Pass back on then select the readers which are allowed or denied through after a granted access.

Save and exit and then upload the settings to the controller:

Anti-pass back should now be working.

It is also possible to have a pop warning message if anti-pass back rule is violated.


This pop message can be turned on by clicking the enable notifications button as below.

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