Using Vantage Point for multiple companies

How to configure Vantage Point to use multiple databases for use with multiple companies from one installation


1. Start Vantage Point

2. At the log-in screen click the database tab.

Here we will create a new database for company #1

Fill in the following details

Database Server: Your SQL server instance

Database Name: The name of the database for company #1

Database Login ID: Your Database login

Database Password: Your database password.

3. Click connection test

You will see this message:

Click OK

You will see the following message:

Click yes.

Vantage Point will create the new database.

After approx 10 seconds you will see the following:

Click OK

4. Click on to the Login tab and enter the default

username: admin


password: admin

Click login.

Vantage point will load.


To create the 2nd and any additional companies repeat steps 2-4.

At step 2 give the database a different name.

In the below example i have given my second company a database name of VantagePointCompany2DB


I now have 2 companies using different databases from one installation of Vantage Point.

Using the above we can continue to add many databases using a different database name for each company.


Using Microsoft SQL management studio we can see the 2 company databases we created



We would advise changing the default login password for each company to mitigate any accidental system editing


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