A Simple Mantrap - Walkthrough

Here we will explain how to configure a simple Mantrap 2 door using the door contact inputs to control when a relay is allowed to fire.

In this example relay 1 will not operate until door 1 is closed.

1. Open the Device Info Management  screen from the main Vantage Point Screen

2. At the Input Device Tab navigate to the controllers Door Contact Input.

Make sure the input is Activated and set to NC Type

Save any changes.

3. Now click the System Functions Tab to the right of the Input Device tab.

From this screen click the Output Operating Setup by Input/Reader

From this screen expand the controller tree in the left hand side of the window to display the door contact

Select the Door Contact and then select the Event Type Open Loop (Off)

Now Select you Door Lock Relay and change its Operating Mode to Unlock (Resume Operation)

This will turn the relay back to normal operating mode once Door 2 is closed.

Click Apply.

Now using the same door contact input select the Event Type Grounded Loop (On)

Now Select you Door Lock Relay and change its Operating Mode to Lock(Operation Lock until OFF)

This setting will stop the relay from activating if door 2 is open

Click Apply

Close this screen.

Back at the Device Information Management ->System Functions screen

Highlight your specific controller, Select Device information's and then click Upload - The configuration data will be sent to the controller.

You can now cable the door contacts to the correct inputs for a simple working Mantrap



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